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Safer on the road

Tires with specifical tread pattern guarantee ah high ground grip performance in every street condition and small braking distance.

New generation PACK solution

Big capacity, Higher security:
honeycomb structure design with performance of geometric mechanics.
Cell layout in molecular structure, where disatance is safe and proper.
New thermal technology, better cell performance.

High-performance power motor

New central engine developed internally; in the TCmax it is fixed in the frame and connected to the rear wheel by a very silent toothed belt drive, which optimally distributes the weight between the front wheel and the rear wheel, improving sports performance.

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Meet 2021 Super Soco TS Street Hunter

Unveiled in Super Soco’s World Premiere just a few days ago, it made immediately an impact with it’s eye-catching look.  The 2021 Super Soco TS Street Hunter is a lightweight sprinter for your every day commuting, powered by a 3.4hp, 133lb.ft hub-mounted motor, which can move the vehicle to a top speed of 75km/h. The new…

The Dual Sport TC Wanderer will take you anywhere!

Unveiled just a few days ago, the all new Super Soco TC Wanderer promises to take you not only to work, but to some off road adventures too. The 2021 Super Soco TC Wanderer is powered by a 3.4hp, 133lb.ft hub-mounted motor, which can move the lightweight machine to a top speed of 75km/h. The…

Super Soco 2021 range World Premiere

New models, new vibes, new era. 2021 Super Soco has been unveiled yesterday along some very interesting additions! In a beautiful event which has been aired live in our YouTube channel, we witnessed the new models of Super Soco range. The first model unveiled during the virtual event was the TS Street Hunter with it’s…