Can travel with water depth up to 280mm. IP65 waterproof and dustproof standards formulated by International; Electronical Commission.

Perfect Traffic Ability

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Create your own ‘fast and furious’

High power central motor

With high-precision control algorithm program, the input power increased by 14%. 3 speed proportional system can meet multiple riding needs of users.
Mode 1, save more energy
Mode 2, optimal energy performance
Mode 3, high performance

control unit FOC 2.0

New central engine developed internally; in the TCmax it is fixed in the frame and
connected to the rear wheel by a very silent toothed belt drive, which optimally
distributes the weight between the front and rear wheel, improving sports performance.

17-inch Magnetic Motor

180N – m

Peak Torque


Energy efficiency conversion rate


Max power


Angle of Climb


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