Advance sensing technology provides high precision speed control.

High-precision Speed Control

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Batteries a unique molecular structure, excellent space management and high-end sealing to ensure the best performance

Optimal Aluminum Pack

170 battery cell, equipped with 2 packs of batteries, can ensure range up to 160km. * Range can be affected by different loading, temperature, wind speed, road conditions , riding behaviors and other factors.

Large Capacity Lithium Battery Package

Accurate SOC algorithm, real time range calculation

BMS Smart Battery Management System

Under discharge protection
Under discharge protection
Over charging protection
Over charging protection
Over current protection
Over current protection
Short circuit protection
Short circuit protection
Temperature protection
Temperature protection
Battery balancer
Battery balancer

With electric consumption remind function and anti-electromagnetic interference function.

Anti-interference Charger




Standard charging current
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It adopts AVS and AVSS wires with waterproof connectors.

Waterproof wiring system

The use of PP material ensures that it is not easy to fracture and deform Double curing coating process. ABS parts have better glossiness, wear resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, waterproof and gasoline resistance ability.

High-strength ABS Cover

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