Ability to travel with water depth up to 280mm. IP65 waterproof and dustproof standards formulated by International; Electronic Commission.

Efficient Disc Brake System

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Teflon oil pipe and macromolecule brake shoes, which dramatically improve the braking performance and quick response when brake.

CBS Combined Brake System


High sensitivity, balance the turn, safe driving.

Adjustable monoshock

35mm inverted hydraulic front shock absorbers.

Inverted Hydraulic Front Shock Absorbers

With high-precision control algorithm program,
the input power increased by 10%.
3 speed proportional system can meet multiple riding needs of users.
Mode 1, save more energy
Mode 2, optimal energy performance
Mode 3, high performance

FOC Vector Controller

BOSCH 17-inch large-diameter power motor, the power is increased by 10%, energy conversion rate reaches 92%.The motor has peak torque of 120N•m. It can supply strong impetus and fast starting. Max power: 2400W

BOSCH 17-inch Magnetic Motor

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